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There was a time when a tripod was THE most important accessory; you simply couldn't take a picture without one. With built in image stabilisation photographers are offered greater flexibility and are able to capture a wider range of images on the move. Many images can be captured without the need of a tripod...but not all! 

Using a tripod opens up new possibilities that can't otherwise be achieved. All sorts of wonderful images can be taken with extra long exposure times, including water shots, moving backgrounds, night shots, light painting...the list goes on.

Added to that is the pleasure of taking your time, setting up a shot and waiting for the right moment to capture it. Macro photography, especially at low levels, is greatly improved with a tripod...there are just SO many reasons to add a tripod to your outfit!

Tripods themselves have come a long way in terms of design and mobility since the days of heavy metal, or even wood. There is a vast range of size and weight built out of aluminium, magnesium or carbon fibre for the ultra light option. Multi-functional head options that smoothly pan, swivel and tilt will suit the demands of any photographer or videographer.  

Improved engineering, design and tolerances mean that today’s tripods are incredibly compact and lightweight, yet still able to hold a sizeable kit steadily. Many are so small that they will fit INSIDE a camera bag, so you hardly know you're carrying one!

Whether you’re looking for one small enough to sit on your table, to take on your travels, the legs, a head, a full kit or even a monopod, we’ve got the perfect selection for you.

If you already have a tripod and just want to change the head our selection of gimbals, 3-way heads, ball heads and specialist video heads are perfect to expand your tripod system.

For clamps and action camera mounts, we have a range of options in our support section.

From 3 Legged Thing, Benro, Cullmann, FeiyuTech, MeFoto, Miggo, Sirui, Vanguard and Velbon, we have more tripods than you can… shake a leg at!

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